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We are the Young Democrats of Arkansas.

The Life of the Party since 1945!

The Young Democrats of Arkansas is a youth coalition of High School Democrats, College Democrats, and Democrats under 35 across the state of Arkansas.

We host two annual meetings, convention and conference, and we elect new officers every 2 years. 

You can join the work we do as a chapter member or by signing up as an at-large member of the organization.

Registration for our April 21 - 22 Convention is up now. 


There is a growing coalition of students, teachers, and young Arkansans from across Arkansas standing up to demand changes and action in response to the LEARNs Scam proposed by Sarah Huckabee Sanders. If you're looking for more information about organizing against LEARNs, please visit our toolkit page.


The Largest Youth Political Organization in the state

Our statewide officers, elected chapter leaders, and at-large delegates give our membership roster the distinction of being the largest statewide organizing for young people in politics.


26+ Chapters

We're proud to have chapters at more than 26 schools, and we're adding more every single month. Our chapter presidents serve on our Local Presidents' Assembly that govern the business of this organization.


High schools, colleges, young professionals, and 9 Caucuses

Our Caucus leaders organize their communities through identity or issue based caucuses. You can join our Black Caucus, Hispanic Caucus, AAPI Caucus, Women's Caucus, Labor Caucus, Stonewall Caucus, Sunrise Caucus, Faith Caucus, and Rose Caucus. 

Follow us. 

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