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About the Young Democrats of Arkansas

With over 30 chapters and 9 active caucuses, the Young Democrats of Arkansas is a youth-led coalition of students and young professionals between the ages of 14 and 35 who are committed to engaging youth in the democratic process, educating them about the important issues of the day, and empowering them to be better advocates and make their voices heard. With a state party that is deeply in debt and playing catch up after the state turned red, the Young Democrats of Arkansas  are the most reliable source of volunteer and grassroots  organization for candidates across Arkansas, providing the infrastructure, resources, and training needed to support Democratic campaigns, along with an invaluable workforce of volunteers to register and contact voters.  

YDAR has become the backbone of the Democratic party in Arkansas. When it’s time to fight for progress in the state, the Young Democrats are always on the front lines. If you look at any Democratic campaign across the state, it’s powered by young people, but the Young Democrats do more than just power campaigns. The Young Democrats of Arkansas serve as a safe haven for students frequently marginalized. By building community in our schools, we will pave the way for a Democratic future for Arkansas.

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