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About Us

With over 25 chapters, the Young Democrats of Arkansas is a youth-led coalition of students and young professionals between the ages of 14 and 35 who are committed to engaging youth in the democratic process, educating them about the important issues of the day, and empowering them to be better advocates and make their voices heard.


If you look at any Democratic campaign across the state, it’s powered by young people, but the Young Democrats do more than just power campaigns. The Young Democrats of Arkansas serve as a safe haven for students frequently marginalized. By building community in our schools, we will pave the way for a Democratic future for Arkansas.


Contact us. 

Email our team. 

Appointed Staff: Our appointed staff team runs the organization on the day-to-day and works with Executive leadership to accomplish the communications finance and field goals of YDAR. Contact our Chief of Staff Owen Haynes, Finance Director Alexandra Paulsen, Development Director June Borst, and Communications Director Rachel Morrow by emailing our staff email address.

Email our staff at

Executive Committee: The governing committee of the Young Democrats of Arkansas State Committee. Our team consists of our Executive President and Vice President, who are voting members,  as well as membership team, and our National Committee representatives. Non-voting members include our appointed staff and caucus chairs.

Email our Executive Committee at

Membership team: Interested in joining? Our Vice-President leads our membership team to expand and develop our current YDAR chapters and move into new areas of the state to build our power and the power of young progressives in the state of Arkansas. Email our Executive Vice-President, district directors, membership team, and the political team. 

Email our Membership team at

Our Leaders

Executive Leadership Team

Email us at

Micah Wallace: Executive President
Fayetteville, Arkansas | 479-295-0495

R. Roosevelte Williams: Executive Vice-President
Little Rock, Arkansas | 501-502-4792

Vice-President of Young Professionals:
Destiny Maine

Vice-President of Colleges:

Michael Ankton

Vice-President of High Schools:
Drew Dillman

First District Director: Dean MacDonald

Second District Director: Christina Arrendale & Wesley Sardin

Third District Director: Livvy Schmidt and Daniel Martinez

National Committee Man: Dalton Thompson


Email to speak to our
Finance Director, Alexandra Paulsen.

Email to email our appointed staff.

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