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How can I get involved with the Young Democrats?

If there is an existing YDAR chapter at your school, you can find out by asking the district director from your district listed in the leadership tab. Their contact information is included and it is their job to help you. If there is not a chapter at your school, don't worry. It is very easy and rewarding to start a YDAR chapter.

How do I start a Young Democrats chapter at my school?

It is simple to start a Young Democrats chapter. All you need is: 1. A Faculty member as a sponsor and school approval (Your school cannot constitutionally say no. If they try, we will get lawyers involved for you. See? Easy.) 2. A roster with 3+ members and a president, secretary-treasurer, and vice president 3. A copy of your YDAR chapter constitution From there, you will be granted interim charter and you will be able to participate and YDAR functions. You will be given fully chartered status at our next convention or conference which happens in the fall and the Spring. Send your charter to arkansasyoungdemocrats@gmail.com!

Did YDAR cancel convention because of COVID-19?

We did not cancel convention. We postponed convention. Keep refreshing your email and follow our facebook to be informed for when the party is back on. Be sure to sign up for the newsletter too.

How can I run for positions at the YDAR state level?

This is a great question that we would love to answer! Before convention and conference, there is typically a filing form for positions that we are allowing people to file for. These positions include President, Vice President, Judicial Council, VP of High Schools, and more statewide offices. To be elected to caucus leadership, you can participate in caucus elections at convention or conference. District director elections will happen in district caucuses. To be in consideration for an appointed position mentioned within the constitution, be sure to express interest to the executive committee.

What does a caucus chair or vice chair do?

A caucus chair leads a certain constituency within YDAR. Our women's caucus is full of people that care about women's issues, and our labor cares deeply about worker's issues. Vice-chairs must follow bylaws and chairs must lead their caucus to accomplish goals for their constituency.

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