Announcing Our Winter Seminar Committee & Topics

Updated: Dec 14, 2021

Our Winter Seminar is coming up and we couldn't be more excited.

Sign up for Winter Seminar.

Mark off a few key days in Dec. through Feb. and we'll see you there!

Check out our representatives on the committee and send them an email at winterseminar@ydarkansas.org.

Chair, Second District Representative:

Drew Dillman, Little Rock Catholic High School

adillman23@lrchs.org | he/him

First District Representative:

Tyler Camp, Greene County Technical High School

tylercamp1941@gmail.com | he/him

Third District Representative:

Rohan Collins, Bentonville West High School

rohanrcollins@gmail.com | he/him

Fourth District Representative:

Ghaida Fadah, Arkansas School for Math and Science

ghaida.tacos@gmail.com | she/her

Finance Director:

Alexandra Shaye, University of Arkansas

finance@ydarkansas.org | she/her

Development Director:

June Borst, University of Arkansas Little Rock

mr.jborst@gmail.com | they/them


Owen Haynes, University of Arkansas Little Rock

arkansasyoungdemocrats@gmail.com | he/him


R. Roosevelte Williams III, Central Arkansas

vp@ydarkansas.org | he/him


Micah Wallace, University of Arkansas

president@ydarkansas.org | she/her

Sign up for our Seminar. Check out our topics below!

Every other week -

YDAR Officer and Member Trainings:

YDAR 101: In this training, we'll go over the basics of the Young Democrats of Arkansas, the organizational structure, and what we have the power to do in this upcoming election!

Communications: YDAR discusses digital organizing, communications, and press strategy.

Finance: Let's talk about raising money. Policy and Legislation: How to Affect Change and Be the Change

Field Campaign Training: So how do campaigns make sure they get enough votes? In this training we'll be covering the techniques used to get win numbers, set up canvassing events, and helping people to the polls!

Every other week -

Union Organizing - You AR the Union: In this training, we'll be going over the basics of what a union is, your rights as a worker in Arkansas, and learn how to have organizing conversations! Resume Tips and Tricks: Whether you need to get noticed or just want to send your resume to the YDAR resume bank, join us for a fabulous evening of resume makeovers!

Reproductive Justice Session: Arkansas is one of the worst state to seek reproductive healthcare, with more attacks on the way. We know how to fight back.

Maintaining Mental Health in Politics: Come prepared for a safe space to discuss the best ways to take care of ourselves and each other in a difficult political climate. Whether you’re on campaigns, in the working world, or just need to talk about being a blue dot in a red sea, this event is for you!

???? Guest Q&A: We'll be having a special conversation with a pro digital organizer whose twitter presence has made us laugh and think about the chaotic world of campaigns! Candidate Q&A: Join our Vice President R. Roosevelte Williams as we speak with some Democrat hopefuls about why they're running and why we should support them!

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