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JAN. 9 - Field Training w/ Chris Jones Organizer Dara Gaines and Lisa Parks Organizer Will Watson!

Join us for a Winter Seminar training you won't wanna miss! At 5 p.m., we'll do a Winter Seminar Training led by Drew Dillman and June Borst FEATURING Dara Gaines, Organizing and Rural Outreach Director for the Chris Jones for governor campaign and special guest Will Watson, representing the Lisa Parks for Senate District Seven campaign!

Learn more about relational organizing, win numbers, and more! Sign up here.

MEET DARA: An organizer from Ogden Arkansas who travelled from being a Razorback at the University of Arkansas to a PHD candidate in Political Science at Northwestern University, Dara is doing organizing work for the Dr. Chris Jones for Governor campaign. She believes experience shouldn't hinder your opportunities if you aim to make a difference. If you want to learn more, sign up for our training here.

MEET WILL WATSON: An advocate for Lisa Parks for Senate, Arkansas Democrats, and YOU running for office, Will recently left his job at the Momentary to pursue making Arkansas better FULL TIME. He'll tell us how we can get involved in the Parks for Senate campaign!

While we cannot confirm the attendance of Lt. Gov candidate Kelly Krout, WILL WATSON (left) will be in attendance!

This training will begin at 5 p.m.! You can sign up to be a part of it here!

Don't forget that we have an Executive Committee and LPA Meeting afterwards! We'll see you tomorrow YDAR!

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