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Sign the Petition: Require All Arkansas Cops to Wear Body Cameras while on Duty

Updated: Sep 26, 2022

TW: Police brutality

The Young Democrats of Arkansas are disgusted by the actions of the Crawford County cops yesterday. There is something incredibly wrong when people that claim to be “public servants” resort to this kind of violence.

This is what a broken system looks like. We need criminal justice reform immediately— more social workers, fairer systems, and MORE ACCOUNTABILITY for police officers.

There is no reason the legislature can’t pass a law requiring body cameras for every police department, including rural police departments like this one in Mulberry. You can see at the end of this video — the violence stops when they know they’re being filmed.

Hold these cops accountable, and let’s make sure this NEVER happens again.

🖊Sign our petition at the link in our bio and call, email, or tag your state representatives to let your voice be heard.

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