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WINTER SEMINAR 2022: You AR the Union: Labor History + Unionizing Training!

Updated: Jan 25, 2022

Interested in Arkansas labor history? Interested in the Six Step Organizing Model to start a union? We are too, and we have Billy Cook, a history major at the UofA, and our YDAR Development Director June Borst, who worked for Texas Democrats as they unionized to lead this training.

Need some reading to get you ready? Check out this article in the Arkansas Times.

The racist roots of anti-unionism in Arkansas

from the Arkansas Times, by Michael Pierce

"The campaign to roll back trade unionism in modern Arkansas began during the war. In early 1943, the Arkansas Farm Bureau Federation and allies in the business community brought Vance Muse and his Christian American Association to the state. Muse chose the name Christian American for his organization to contrast it to what he saw as the nation’s gravest peril: Jewish Marxism. In his mind, Judaism, Marxism, the New Deal, trade unionism and the struggle for civil rights were all parts of the same whole. Muse, a profane Texan, had long made a lucrative living by attacking these things."

Enjoy this meme and sign up for "You AR the Union"

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